the next week

This week was partly bad and partly good. Tuesday was awful and I had lot’s of fear and panic in the evening. But somehow through the middle of it I found faith in God and the terror left me and I got stronger. I asked some online friends who prayers and that must have helped me too.

I am more inclined now not to believe in demons anymore and that instead Jesus was in unconventional ways healing people with mental illness. I think he brought the focus away from their assumed and alleged sin into blaming a bad spirit for the ailments the people had.

I am trying to coexist better with other people, trying to love them and help them and be a part of a peaceful life here in the group home. It’s not bad usually and sometimes it’s been outright good here.

I drink a lot of decaffeinated coffee. I am not so sleepy anymore though. Maybe the former caffeinated coffee made me sleepy, I know some have such paradox reactions.

Tomorrow I will go to my mother again for a short holiday. Very much looking forward to it.


About antinietzsche

Hello. I am Daniel, a christian, an amateur poet, a fool and a theologian.
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