the messianic function of Jesus

I believe that it is one major function of Jesus to fulfill things and bring them into order for us, not to let us stick with bad or insufficient old things that cannot sustain us. For example, when Jesus said about himself that he was going to fulfill the law of Moses, and instead of throwing it down, this does not mean that Jesus told us to keep the law of Moses in the old literal understanding of it. EG, the law about the proscription of homosexual sex and the death penalty against it now do not mean anymore what it literally tells us. Instead it means that Jesus is the man and we are the woman, and we should not presume that we are men too. We must instead fulfill our female meaning in life, to give birth to babies and to nurture them. And Jesus is our husband and we should not leave him for other “men”, who in the end are not real men who love us like Jesus does. The old literal law is merely dust. The 10 commandments are a jewel in it because these commandments never mean a burden to anyone. What is problematic about God ordaining a holiday, about saying don’t murder and don’t steal, etc? Every human can easily agree to such commandments. But many of the other things in the Law of Moses are impure compared to this. You cannot simply stone a human for a crime when we are sinners ourselves … Do not murder, it says. You cannot forbid people who love each other to sleep together and stone them if they do, if married people have sex too and do not get stoned for it. Do not murder, it says. But what you can say is, please have a good love for each other, be romantic and tender and kind. And wait with the bed things until you know that you love each other very much, because you don’t want rape or the heartaches of pain and suffering because you realize there is no love in your relationship. You can talk from life and wisdom, but not from the mosaic code in such matters. The mosaic code is a wrath, not a love. And Jesus is the snake that was lifted up to heal us, Moses snake counts for nothing.


About antinietzsche

Hello. I am Daniel, a christian, an amateur poet, a fool and a theologian.
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