it’s impossible to know everything
why did I ever believe I could know this?
I cannot ask God to give me a book
that gives me a divine head
nobody knows what life is all about
except when they yield to the true needs
to want to be righteous is a hopeless affair
ending in either endless suffering
or in terrible hypocrisy
I guess only love must remain
the love that a human heart can have anyway
and the love of God
in which we shall always believe in
I don’t want to be a law robot anymore
I don’t want anymore to kill myself with this
I want to feel alive, I want to feel human
it’s been such a long journey
for such a small insight
things I used to know
which I was forced to think they did not matter
part of me is an angry animal
wanting to lash out against those
who stole my peace
but I do not want to tbe a hypocrite
I have understood that love is the answer
there isn’t anything else I can give


About antinietzsche

Hello. I am Daniel, a christian, an amateur poet, a fool and a theologian.
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  1. lalaland1946 says:

    Love is the answer 🙂

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